i fell in love with a girl at the rock show | #MusicMonday

As I’m sure we’ve all heard, 2018 is the last year to catch the Warped Tour. Warped has been around since 1995 and it’s been one of the most well known touring rock shows. This year the LIAs will be attending Warped Tour in Toronto and we’re exciting for all the great bands that are coming out for one last show! From Mayday Parade, to the Maine to Simple Plan, Warped Tour is shaping up to be a huge blast from the past, reminding us that the songs we used to love as kids and teenagers still slam.

To get us amped for the tour that’s starting sooooo soon (the tour starts June 21 but won’t be Toronto until July) here’s some playlists that bring back some of those nostalgic rock concert vibes:

1. (the mixed tape) by Julia Agris


2. fucked up && fucking up by fruuumi


3. I didn’t want to join your stupid cult anyways by Brock Walker


4. Vans Warped Tour: Forever Warped by Amy Willard


See you at the Warped Tour!


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