May 2018 | Monthly Favourites

Alia’s Picks


Last year I really got into this band and I honestly can’t stop listening to their music on repeat. I’ve been listening to this song on my way to school basically everyday for the last two weeks and I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna stop until I find a different Bleachers song to get obsessed with.

Book: I picked up a lot of graphic novels this month during my visit to Ottawa Comic-con. I just finished reading Paper Girls by Brian Vaughn and I’d definitely recommend it anyone whose a fan of sci-fi!

TV Show:

I watched the whole season in one sitting because I’m incapable of watching TV Shows at a normal pace. It’s a German Netflix Original and I loved every minute of it. If you’re into urban Sci-Fi with spooky intense music, then this show is definitely for you! Check out the trailer below!



The Wailing is a South Korean horror film I watched with my friends. I’m not usually a horror fan because literally anything can scare me but this movie had me guessing the whole time. It was interesting, complex and with multiple themes interwoven into the main story line. If you’re looking for a movie that has you arguing with friends for hours on after, then this is the movie for you!


Recently, my friends and I went on a Steam shopping binge – which isn’t hard because games are on sale literally all the time. One game I bought last month, Armello, I’ve been playing a lot of recently. It’s like a tabletop RPG with cute little animals, who can really mess your shit up if you’re not careful. The goal in Armello is to be the first player to defeat the King and claim his crown and let me tell you, the competition is savage.


Picolo is a drinking game app that I’ve used a couple of times. It’s a lot of fun and the last time I played it we finished two bottles of wine, four ciders and a case of beer in under and hour. Lets just say, things escalated quickly.

Basically the game cycles through giving people drinks, letting players give each other drinks, truth or dare and other games. It also introduces “rules” that stay in the game until the app says so. Here’s an example:


Happy drinking!


I’ve been watching Nat’s videos for years now. She’s an Australian YouTuber and her stuff is hilarious. She’s done a few types of videos including a travel vlog! She’s also a huge nerd, so you can see how I’d relate!

Julia’s Picks

Song: OTW by Khalid ft. 6LACK, Ty Dolla $ign

After I stumbled across this song it’s been on repeat for days now. I love Khalid and this song is sucha vibe – it’s perfect for late night driving. TBH, it’s almost too short of a song.

Book: Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to read this month but out of the books I did read I enjoyed our Book Club pick, Double Dead by Chuck Wendig. The premise is a vampire wakes up in NYC to the zombie apocalypse. The vamp, Coburn, is pretty sassy and he makes the book quite a quick read.

TV Show: This month I was playing catch up with Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

I am so glad with the way things are going especially with Holt. He was already hilarious to me but seasons 3 and 4 have somehow made him even FUNNIER. I am happy that the show got picked up because I need more Holt in my life.

Movie: Avengers: Infinity War, hands down. I waited until my boyfriend came up to watch this movie and, man, swerving spoilers/ memes was pretty hard. But finally getting to see it was great – I was screaming the entire time and just wanted moreeeeeee!

Product: I picked up Yes to Cotton Comforting Micellar Cleansing Water when I did a day trip to Buffalo and wow. How have I not jumped on the bandwagon earlier? I hated the oily residue that my Neutrogena makeup remover left behind so switching over to this product was an obvious answer. Plus, they’re a cruelty-free company!

Game: We’ve been playing a lot of Dungeons & Dragons lately so I’d say that. The current campaign we’re doing is the Tomb of Annihilation and I’m really excited to hit level 5 soon!

App: I like the aesthetic and the kitchsy-ness of the Huji Camera app. It takes and “develops” photos like a traditional film camera. If you’re looking for dat grain or light leaks – this is the app for you.

YouTuber: Jessica Kobeissi

I have been following Jessica for years and I LOVE her “4 Photographers Shoot the Same Model” series! If you’re into photography and/or modelling I 100% recommend watching her. She gives some great tips and just general inspo.

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