Kim Reaper: Grim Beginnings | Book Review

By: Julia Agris

DISCLAIMER: Thanks to NetGalley for giving us an eARC of this graphic novel, for free, to review.

I’ve been on a graphic novel kick lately and after one look at this cover… I knew that I had to pick it up! Cuteness and macabre humour is straight up my alley. The tagline of the book just also happens to be: Part-Time Grim Reaper. Full-Time Cutie!

Kim Reaper follows Becka who has a major crush on Kim, a part-time grim reaper. After she finally makes a move to ask Kim out, she accidentally falls through a portal and sees Kim at work. They punch and giggle their way through ghoulish monsters all while leaving you gasping for air (because it’s hilarious).

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The sassiness and one liners totally hooked me into the story and grounding the story in reality. It has a supportive male friend, LGBTQ+ characters, emo/goth scenes yet hilarious moments, like the one below, that had me actually laughing out loud.


The fact that the characters also say “posi vibes”, “okbye!” and use loads of puns fits with our aesthetic so well, haha. Speaking of aesthetics, the whole cutesy vibe is awesome (can someone say pastel grunge?!) that even the zombies look adorable. One thing I loved about the art was Graley’s portrayal of a huge range of emotions. It reminded me of The Misadventures of Flapjack, which I’m a huge fan of BTW.

screen-shot-2017-12-13-at-23-02-02.pngI also really enjoyed Becka as a character because she’s very headstrong. She knows what she wants in a relationship and won’t settle for less! She also goes through a very relatable scene involving cookies, which I won’t say because ~spoilers~

Final Thoughts

I would 100% pick up Volume Two. This first book is about 112 pages but it’s such a quick read that will have you dying from laughter. It’s definitely a fun but an easy introduction to the supernatural/fantasy genre.

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