Top 5: Fictional Problematic Favs

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Alia’s Picks

Stiles Stilinski is not only my problematic fave, he’s my fave… full stop. He’s so suspect of everyone in the show and the best part is he always ends up being right. Not to mention his best weapon and possibly only means of defense is sarcasm, so we relate on an intellectual level to be honest.


Jayne from Firefly is my all time favourite character of the show, mainly because he’s such a mess. One second he’s loyal and watching your back, and then he’s all “btw just waiting for someone to pay me enough to kill you thx”. I love how in so many of his scenes with Mal there’s always this moment of “is it gonna be this time that he betrays me?” Like, I don’t know how Mal keeps up with the suspense of it all, since Jayne is a such a drama queen.

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John Constantine must have been an emo kid because he’s honestly so dramatic, not to mention he calls himself a “master of the dark arts”. Like, how many ways are there to make sure you’re as different, as different gets. He tries his best though… sometimes, when he has no choice. Usually because he got himself into a tight spot in the first place. Also, I wouldn’t recommend being friends with John Constantine, considering their mortality rate is through the roof. But you know, he’s snarky and he’s smart and he acts like a manipulative little shit, which is amazing to read/watch!

John Constantine.
@textsfromthewaiverider (tumblr)

Thorin Oakenshield is a problematic fave for me and probably just a PROBLEM for everyone else. He literally doesn’t listen to anybody and he gets grumpy about EVERYTHING. After extensively watching the Hobbit trilogy, I can confirm that the only way to friendship Thorin is to almost die. That, or be a piece of gold and he’ll be obsessed with you for the rest of his life. It’s both frustrating and hilarious to watch him because he gives everyone these judgy looks, as if he isn’t the one fucking things up for everyone.

Thorin Oakenshield.

Doctor Gregory House is the biggest douche-bag in existence and that’s like, 90% of his charm. He’s addicted to drugs, negativity and playing mind games – but you know, in a charming and totally insufferable way. I think the reason I love him is because of all the attitude he gives the patients in the show. If I could get away with saying half the shit he says at my job, customers would need to start carrying emergency burn kits.

Doctor Gregory House.

Julia’s Picks

Loki is the definition of a shit disturber. I love how extra he is and I love what Tom Hiddleston has done to him as a character. He constantly looks like he’s planning everyone’s demise while internally screaming. It’s absolutely ridiculous and I’m here for it. Loki is also suspect of all humans but then gets offended when they don’t know who he is. 

Spike was supposed to be killed off much earlier in Buffy but fans loved him so much that he stuck around. I loved where his characterization and growth went throughout the series. Some of my favourite moments/ quotes are from Spike. I especially liked the reveal that he was a struggling, emotional poet in his previous life. It explains why he’s ridiculously sassy and down for fighting anyone… and everyone.


Peter Hale is one of the characters that got me hooked on Teen Wolf. He’s the  “smad” uncle and grumpy Alpha male that’s filled with one liners. A lot of the show was centered around his selfish shenanigans and I lived for them. He’s a great addition to the show and I’m so glad that he came back for the final season – one more season to screw around.

Crowley, King of Hell, or as I like to call him the Original Grump. He would honestly be me if I were a demon. He does things, like constantly screwing over Sam and Dean, just because he can. Somehow he ends up being really important in a lot of Winchester plot because he has been scheming behind the scenes the whole time. He’s a power hungry attention seeker and I often find myself rooting for the brotp that he and Dean have.

Vince Noir is such a brat but I love it. If you didn’t know I run a Mighty Boosh blog on the side and Vince is singlehandedly the most extra person I’ve ever seen. His vanity and constant need to stay trendy always leaves his bff in the dust to pick up the pieces Vince’s tornado left behind. He’s also partly responsible for most of the surreal situations the duo seem to get themselves into. Stay punk, Vince!

(Bonus) Fox Mulder is such a precious gem that needs to be protected at all costs. He’s always getting himself into the most dangerous situations and leaving his partner to come save him. His intensifying paranoia results in majority of Scully’s eye rolling and it seems that only she can deal with his cheekiness. Plus, have you seenBad Blood“?

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