Winterwear | How to Style

By: Julia Agris

Do you ever feel unprepared for winter? I constantly do so it only makes sense that I put this post up.

Winter is the best seasons for knitwear – not only do can they look super cute but they also serve to keep you warm.

Below I selected some of my favourite accessories and explained why. Keep an eye out for these understated pieces – I know I usually overlook the hats and scarves when I shop.

  • Hair turbans are so on trend and, just like beanies, help you out on a bad hair day. Opt for trending jewel toned colours or patterns that can make a boring outfit stand out.
  • Faux fur stoles are the perfect accessory to change up an outfit. They are vintage but also kinda glam rock – more importantly they act as an extra layer of warmth.
  • Fingerless gloves or mitts that expose your fingers are a necessity for me. I don’t want to be checking my phone to see when the next bus comes with cold hands – it makes texting much harder!
  • Who says you can’t wear tights in the winter time? Layer them over coloured leggings or a pair of opaque tights so that the pattern still shows. (P.S. pick up a pair of fleece lined leggings – the best investment I’ve ever made!)
  • Leather gloves are extremely important especially if you drive in the wintertime. Don’t rely on your car heater to warm your hands – these dainty gloves are perfect.
  • I’ve been seeing a lot of earmuffs and they are totally the answer if your hair is up  – making wearing a beanie impossible.
  • Thick wool socks are the best invention ever because while keeping your feet warm they look extremely cute when they peek over your boots.
  • Snoods and infinity scarves are your best friends as they don’t have the extra scarf ends dangling AND they can double as a hood (very glam)!
  • Sunglasses are super important (well to us with sensitive eyes at least) during the winter because the sun is still out – even if not for very long. Shades are lifesavers when there is fresh white snow on the ground reflecting the sun’s rays into your precious retinas.

What are your favourite pieces?

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I am a uOttawa Communications grad from Mississauga who is suffering from wanderlust. I can be caught spending too much time laughing about surreal nonsense, reading up on social issues, bopping to oldies (but goodies), joining fandoms and reblogging for the aesthetic. I live for the 90's and all things that involve rolling for initiative. I am a twenty-six year old photographer who likes to find happiness in the little things. I can be found in either Ottawa or the GTA depending on the season.

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