December 2017 | Monthly Favourites

Alia’s Picks

Song: I Wanna Get Better (Rac Mix) by The Bleachers

Book: The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I actually just picked this for my book club and I’m really loving it so far. It’s by the same girl who wrote We Should All Be Feminists, which I read last year and I thought it was an amazing read. I’ve read it a couple of times actually and I don’t typically re-read things. I’m hoping that this collection of short stories will have the same effect!

TV Show: Crazyhead (Netflix Original)

A friend of mine showed this to me over the summer and I love it. Imagine Supernatural except they’re girls, they’re British and everything is hilarious. Minus the whole demon thing. It only has six episodes so it’s super quick to watch, I totally recommend.

Movie: Thor: Ragnarok

I’m not saying I went to see it in theatres twice, but… I went to see it in theatres twice. To be honest, I never really got into Thor and over the years I’ve become disinterested in a lot of what Marvel is putting out. I didn’t know until this movie that it’s not that I hate the whole superhero thing, it’s that I need less of everything that’s happening on MCU Earth and more of what’s happening in MCU space. As a wise person once said, space is the place.

Also, I’m totally here for the humour. Some people have said it should have been more serious but I think the overall comedic feel of the movie highlighted the emotional parts that much more.

Product: Sakura of America Gelly Pens

Basically the best gel pens in existence, the ink has a paint-like quality. It’s really great for making colour pop and I usually use it with my watercolours, just to add a little more vibrancy. I’m sure there’s lots of places to buy them from but I usually get mine from Michael’s.

Game: T.I.M.E. Stories

I just bought this board game recently and my friends were nice enough to pick up some expansions for me for Christmas! It’s basically a ‘story’ based games, where the players are time travelling agents on a mission to stop something horrible from happening. If you like complexity, mystery solving and treacherous schemes, this game is for you!

App: Splitwise

It’s an app that lets you keep track of money, so it’s great when you’re splitting on a lot of things. My friends and I usually use it when we go on trips to keep track of gas, food, and Airbnb costs.

YouTuber: Sailor J

I’ll let the video do the talking.

Julia’s Picks

Song: Lost In Your Light ft. Miguel by Dua Lipa



Book: Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan

TV Show: I finished up The Mindy Project this month and I’m still sad that it’s over! I will miss Morgan’s crazy antics.

Movie: A Christmas Prince is so bad that it’s almost brilliant. Alia and I were almost in tears… from laughter!

Product: Innisfree’s Green Tea Moisture Cream

Game: Zombicide: Black Plague because nothing is as satisfying as opening a fresh box of Zombicide.

App: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp IS THE CUTEST! BTW, my ID is: 9640 3677 226 😉

YouTuber: Leisure Elk is a production company that makes this HILARIOUS sketch called KYLOKI. It’s exactly what it sounds like and it’s hilarious.


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