Our Spotify 2017 Wrapped

We thought it would be fun to share our 2017 Wrapped Spotify lists. Who have you listened to the most this year? What was your favourite album to come out?



Okay, there’s a good reason for why the Bleachers are my top three and it’s because their songs are too good. They’re perfect ‘zone out’ songs. Like, if I’m working on something, it could be posts for the blog, drawings or even studying, I Wanna Get Better is the best song to listen to. The lyrics are also really great and after I started listening to them, I noticed Spotify had a bunch of remixes as well, and I started listening to those as well. One of them I really liked, which is why the same song is on there twice.

Don’t get me started on Taylor Swift. My work plays that on what must be an infinite loop and before I knew it was stuck in my head. And the best cure for getting a song out of your head is to overplay it as much as possible, so that you’re completely and totally sick of it. I mean, it hasn’t taken root for any of the songs by the Bleachers because I still listen to those on repeat all day, everyday.

I actually listened to the live version of this song, where Jack Antonoff (who you might know as the guitarist of the band fun.) talks about what inspired this song. He talks about how making records can be difficult and an intense experience but it’s worth it to be able to celebrate the music with everyone.




I’m not surprised whatsoever about my Top Artists this year. The 1975 will always be #1. Living in South Korea for majority of it allowed me to fall heavily in love with Jay Park. And clearly I’m still not over the 1D split yet since they’re my second most listened to artist, haha.

Also I’m glad to see Pale Waves on there too because I’m so in love with their aesthetic. Again, not a surprise since they’re produced by Matty Healy and George Daniel (of The 1975).

Here’s my top song of 2017. It’s too good and makes you feel like you’ve been through a horrible heartbreak.

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