Winter Nights | How to Style

By: Julia Agris

Living in Ottawa means that we are always faced with the dilemma of what to wear when it’s freezing outside but hot as hell indoors. This is especially hard when there’s a night out planned. It can confuse the best of us as I’ve had nights where I wished I dressed a little warmer.

Sometimes when we go out clubbing, to a bar, a party, etc. there’s not always coat check… so what exactly are you supposed to do? You can either carry your coat around all night OR get inspired by one of these outfits instead!

DISCLAIMER: Please layer more if it’s colder! Use your better judgment and bundle up!

Movie Night

If you are a sweater junkie like me then you definitely have a couple of oversized or graphic knits in that pile somewhere! The oversized sweater allows you to layer loads underneath (like thermals!). Dress up that baggy sweater with fancier / edgier pieces like statement shoes or earrings or a necklace! Pair it with tighter bottoms to balance out the baggy top.


Stockings make the perfect addition under these pieces to keep you warm. And what’s even better is that you can find fleece-lined ones just about everywhere now – I have tons from Urban Outfitters and Wal-Mart! While they seem like such a small item they are key pieces for winter wear. Adding a (p)leather jacket with a girly dress creates a juxtaposition to die for, with added flare.

Wine & Dine

Now this is an outfit that Andie Walsh would approve of! Because of its long sleeves you won’t be too cold in a restaurant where you’re seated near a door. The length of the over the knee boots help to balance out the shortness of the dress. Keep the accessories casual as the dress is attention grabbing enough. Don’t forget to wear those fleece-lined stockings!

Club Hoppin’

Layering connoisseurs know that vests are perfect pieces since they have the ability to add an extra layer (of warmth!) without extra arm bulking. Pick a chic faux fur one for an ultra rock star look. Go for a flashy sweater – metallics are always in this season. Then belt the whole thing together since you could lose your shape under all the layers.

Trip to the Museum

A black blazer is the easiest way to stay classy all night. Pair this with patterned dress shorts and jewel tones and you are set to go! The outfit looks so effortlessly put together that all you’ll have to worry about is… well nothing! You’ll look superb!


  • Make winter accessories part of your outfit (ex. high heeled booties, beanies, etc.)
  • Stack thermals underneath sweaters.
  • Choose fancier materials (~ cashmere ~) to keep it dressy instead of casual.
  • Make your coat part of your outfit – style around a military inspired coat… Captain Jack Harkness would greatly appreciate!
  • Grab some hand portable hand warmers – lifesavers!

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I am a uOttawa Communications grad from Mississauga who is suffering from wanderlust. I can be caught spending too much time laughing about surreal nonsense, reading up on social issues, bopping to oldies (but goodies), joining fandoms and reblogging for the aesthetic. I live for the 90's and all things that involve rolling for initiative. I am a twenty-six year old photographer who likes to find happiness in the little things. I can be found in either Ottawa or the GTA depending on the season.

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