December 8th-10th 2017

  • New Book Alert: Andy Weir’s new novel Artemis just dropped and it’s on the top of our #TBR because honestly, an adventure in space? There’s nothing better!
  • God of Hammers: We recently saw Thor: Ragnarok (Alia saw it twice in one week) and it looks like just about everyone is loving it.
  • #trending: Speaking of Marvel, hel-lo Infinity Wars:

  • #supportlocal and check out Evergreen’s Winter Village in Toronto. From food to crafts and family friendly activities it’s got everything you need and more!
  • That moment when Harry Styles is more Canadian that you.
  • Crazy Rich Asians, the movie:
  • Important: Last month a video was released showing African migrants in Libya being sold at an auction.

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The LIAs are Alia Khan & Julia Agris. A fighter and a warlock tryna use their insight to let the good times roll (aka run a blog and shop)! We are two Canadian gal pals who can get creative every now and then. We created #TheLIAs as a platform to share our ideas with you. You can find us blogging about a mix of books, fashion, music and whatever else we feel like talking about! #TheLIAs are Alia & Julia

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