Aly & AJ | #MusicMonday

By: Alia Khan

If you’ve never heard of Aly & AJ, here’s a recap on their brief stardom. They’re a pair of sisters, Alyson Michalka and Amanda Joy Michalka. You may recognize Aly from her stint at Disney, on their popular kids TV show Phil of the Future. She was also casted in Easy A as Rhiannon, Olive Penderghast’s (played by Emma Stone) best friend. Amanda Joy has also had her share of recognition as another Disney starlet, being cast in the movie Cow Belles. She was also cast in the moving The Lovely Bones as Clarissa and, more recently, she currently has a recurring role on popular TV show, The Goldbergs. 

But back in the day, almost ten years ago, people recognized them as Aly & AJ, singer duo and Disney starlets. I remember the first time I heard an Aly & AJ song like it was yesterday. I was a preteen, I was binge watching the Disney channel, and they were singing Potential Breakup Song. 






I was a particular fan of Alyson because she played Keely Teslow in Phil of the Future and I loved that show. Phil (the main character) and Keely were my OTP for the longest time and as a side note, if they could make a sequel to it that’d be great, thanks. But back to the music, their songs were catchy, fun and it was easy to get them stuck in your head. Like, next big thing after Hilary Duff or something. If they had chosen to develop their music career further, I’m sure they would have reached a higher level of stardom.

Instead, they fell off the map. For ten years.

There was a brief stunt in 2009 where they renamed themselves 78violet and released the song Hothouse. However, it seems the sisters were more focused on developing their acting careers during this time. The duo never released another song as “Aly & AJ” until literally last week, when they released their comeback song, Take Me.





And it is a AMAZING. Seriously, Julia and I both loved it. The song is mature, a little sexy and their voices are great. I also get 80s nostalgia vibes from it, which I love (in my head I’m picturing a dive bar, a jukebox, and point shoulder pads). While their bubblegum pop days are over, I’m looking forward to the release of their EP in 2018. Plus, now that they’re back I can finally go to an Aly & AJ concert.

What are your thoughts on the new song?

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