@readwithsam | #FollowFriday

By: Alia Khan 

If you’ve been following our Instagram this month, we’ve been doing the #bookcasechallenge by bookstagrammers @bookcaseaus. And following in with August’s theme of bookish things, I thought: why not showcase a bookstagrammer and soon-to-be book blogger. Introducing: Sam Ali (@readwithsam). She’s been on the ‘gram for almost one year, sharing her love of books with the world. Her photos are aesthetically pleasing, she reads across all genres, and her reviews are funny, personal and insightful. Plus, she’s a Ravenclaw and a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so we’re already best friends.


What got you into reading?

I don’t even remember! I started reading at a very young age, and even wrote my own little detective stories – it would be pages upon pages written! I remember going to the library and picking a book and finishing it in a day (similar to what I do now). I read Great Expectations by Charles Dickens around the second grade, and I got hooked on the complexity of it. But, I guess I’d say what really got me into reading from what I remember, is that I was able to escape in an entirely different world right from my bedroom. I loved how many worlds and characters I was able to experience, I loved the smell of a book and the sound of a page turning. I’d be so excited to go to bed because I’d just end up staying up reading all night (then fall asleep at school all day).

What made you join #bookstagram?

I joined #bookstagram in October 2016 – and what really inspired me to do it was having people approach me about a number of books I’d been reading, and them following me on Goodreads, and thanking me for helping them find good books to read. So I figured, why not start a #bookstagram and transition into a blog where I review books! It means a lot to me that some people value my opinion on novels, so I want to continue sharing!

Sam’s August #TBR

Who is your favourite author?

Oh goodness, this is a tough question. J.K Rowling is definitely one of my favourites. Sure, her writing is simplistic in comparison to other writers, but the fact she was able to conjure up such an amazing world with intricate details is amazing.

I also love Charlotte Bronte, she wrote my favourite novel: Jane Eyre.

What’s the one book you wish everyone would read?

The one book I wish everyone would read would be, The Alchemist by Paul Coelho. That book inspired me and opened my eyes to so much about the meaning of life. Definitely one of my favourite books.

Do you think you’ll ever write a novel of your own?

Absolutely! It’s something I’m beginning to work on, and I’m hoping to continue to find the inspiration and motivation to keep writing.

I heard you’re thinking of creating a blog, what will you write about?

My aim is to launch my blog in September (my 1 year anniversary of my #bookstagram is in October)! It’s going to be very similar to my bookstagram in terms of me mainly reviewing the books I read – but I’m going to be going more in depth with them.

After all, that’s what I spent 4 years doing in school!

And finally, what quote inspires you?



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