“Do You Want To” by Franz Ferdinand | #ThrowbackThursday

By: Julia Agris

Franz Ferdinand reminds me so much of tenth grade history class. One of my teachers made a joke about the assassination of “Franz Ferdinand… the Archduke, not the band”  and I was the only one that laughed.

Now that really takes me back.

I remember being an avid MuchMusic watcher and Franz Ferdinand used to play quite often. Their music video for “Do You Want To”, off of You Could Have It So Much Better, came out in 2005.


We have been singing this bop quite frequently at noraebang recently. I thought that it would be a good music video to talk about the rise in popularity of silk bomber jackets.

Since their inception, bomber jackets have been pretty popular and reinvent themselves every couple of years. Now I have been searching for one at vintage stores, with no luck, since this scene in Pretty in Pink:

Funny enough, I couldn’t find a KOREA one, like Andie’s, while in actual South Korea so I’ll have to settle for the JAPAN one I purchased on holiday.

Here are some outfit inspos to get you stylin’ these silk bombers for cold summer nights:

Taking inspiration straight from the Franz Ferdinand video but with an updated vibe. Keep the colour scheme pretty simple and stick to the black, white and red. This could easily go from a day to night outfit with the help of some red lipstick.

Silk Bomber II

by jjuliaannee

Keep it relaxed with this casual but detailed outfit. Depending where you live the Timberlands might be too hot… and same with the vinyl pants now that I think of it… Wear this INSIDE with blessed air-conditioner or swap ’em out with more sensible pieces!

Silk Bomber

by jjuliaannee

If you know me, you know I love a dark lip no matter the season. Work it into your palette by picking a colour from the jacket.

Silk Bomber IV

by jjuliaannee

Now drawing inspo from Pretty in Pink‘s Andie Walsh: stack on the accessories to make her proud and obviously include lots of pink!

Silk Bomber III

by jjuliaannee

My silk bomber jacket has recently grown larger. They’re perfect for layering, as statement pieces or just to spice up a boring outfit.

Have fun experimenting and share your outfits with us @theliasblog!

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I am a uOttawa Communications grad from Mississauga who is suffering from wanderlust. I can be caught spending too much time laughing about surreal nonsense, reading up on social issues, bopping to oldies (but goodies), joining fandoms and reblogging for the aesthetic. I live for the 90's and all things that involve rolling for initiative. I am a twenty-six year old photographer who likes to find happiness in the little things. I can be found in either Ottawa or the GTA depending on the season.

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