Welcome to #TheLIAs

By: Julia Agris

For our first post I just wanted to welcome you on our journey as we do a soft launch of this project Alia & I have been working on.

Us working together has always been an idea we’ve talked about / kinda done but never fully committed to. But as Hilary Duff once said, “Why not?” and here we are now finally attempting to put effort into concept.

Why now, you may ask (especially as we used to live together)? Essentially what it comes down to is that we were busy with other projects and trying to find jobs to pay our rent (tldr: real life). Unfortunately, #TheLIAs became just a hashtag and nothing tangible. Now we want to focus on our strengths and come together to bring you this lovely, little blog.

This blog will be a learning curve but we hope you enjoy it. We want to share our ideas and opinions on all the things we like. We hope you like them too x

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I've got the gift of one liners.

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